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Hey guys we work it up into wushi, and I thought before we checked out we’d quickly show you where we’re staying or do you know the name of this hotel Steve oh it’s we’re staying at Hotel Nikko you see yes I think that’s how you say it we’ve got a big old of bed here it’s huge guys, and I feel like this is such like a China thing. Because I feel like most hotels we’ve been to then this like a big glass wall. So you can see the person that you’re staying with bathe which is interesting today we’re off to another place it looks like that every single night we’re gonna be staying somewhere new. Because they’re showing us like most of the province of Jenks ooh yeah it looks like today he’s gonna be awesome we’re gonna be seeing a giant Buddha, and we’re gonna be having a Zen lunch, and they told us that they’ll be costumes involved.

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So, I’m kind of keen for that welcome to Ling Shan to everybody we’re going to see a giant big goal I feel like we’re on the lot in the universal oh my goodness we’ve just jumped out we’ve just jumped off, and I can see the giant a bronze or gold sit over the biggest one we have ever seen we’ve seen a lot in our day, and I am so impressed wait till we get closer that’s not our music plane that they’re using sounds like Indiana during play on ethic this Lotus is slowly opening I see it’s slowly revealing a baby Little Buddha and. Because this water is blessing the baby what I see a lot of locals are filling up their water bottles I know, and everyone is just like we just jumped off, and we’re currently at the foot of the Buddha, and this camera is not doing it any justice this is 87 meters up, and it is just towering over us guys we’re currently in front of the biggest buddha i have ever seen 87 meters 7 meters high i know there’s probably water in here. But. Because there’s so many candles just melting it kind of looks like a giant wax like it just looks fun like i just want to dip your hands through it just made it to the top touching the big buddha lay it touching the Lotus aren’t huge okay be sure how big it is this is just the toe you can’t even see his face the view from up here is insane you can see how big the site is that’s where the baby Lotus water show was, and it just keeps going you have a camera Korea, and are literally to spend half an hour hugging the Buddha’s toe insert those clips right now just at our last stop before we leave the area, and some this building is super impressive I seriously love these little buggies they’re taking us around in. Because it feels like we’re in Jurassic Park or into all these different sites alright guys we are now having a Zen lunch. So what we’ve had to do is we put on robes, and we put these little feet things on, and we went, and had a washing hands ceremony, and I would come in, and I’ve been served this meal, and we just had a meditation session where we’ve been told we have to make sure that we eat really slowly, and we have to finish everything on the plate, and I don’t think wanted to be smoking right now no we’re not women to be not talking to each other, and not on fire and.

So you can focus on the meal, and enjoyed meal. Because these days yeah these days people want doing that song I need to go, and try, and finish this whole meal without them this is everything yeah guys you might have noticed a few epic shots in this blog is. Because we have a post crew this is them all here chillin you are currently in the middle of flower season here in China this place is so beautiful, and you can see just a little Chinese temple just over there my god you just got ready for dinner, and we’ve checked in to a hot spring hotel. So after dinner we’re going to go to a hot spring. But we pretty much like left the cities this is our view from our hotel room no buildings in sight it is so beautiful this place is actually really nice it’s like a little bit more like traditional feeling cuz you’ve got your big bed, and then instead of the glass window you’ve got these that divide the bathroom which is really cool, and then there’s no glass see ya, and then Stephen he’s been loving it cuz every hotel has had such a big desk this is what, I’m wearing for dinner little yellow dress.

But I think we need to grab our swimmers ready for the hot spring, and head out to dinner ready for some dim simmers, I’m hungry what weird thing am I gonna try to my dish of the region this is fish head soup just finish up with dinner, and the perfect thing to do after dinner is come into a hot spring it’s literally a fake mean they’ve created ten out of ten for the ambience with the Asian music the giant moon, and the mists guys have been a bit cheeky, and we’re ending our night with a massage at the hotel spa look at this whole thing I don’t even know what we’re gonna be doing in there gonna be a relaxing end to the night Hey China morning this is a beautiful spot to start the morning just here in the bamboo forest. But Bobe cheers guys we come to the Nanshan bamboo see forest forest see, and I hope we get to see one of these guys we’re not in the province for pandas that’s a Sichuan province. But I think they might have brought some in I don’t know. But hopefully you don’t find some this is so unbelievably beautiful I want to go back to the Panda province to know to expect to see this here. So this is this is really special going on a train Oh didn’t expect we’re doing this they have the most colorful cable cars I’ve ever seen you know it’s not a cool cuz you got like the red, and you’ve got the green of the other mountains whole squads coming Wow bamboo looks really cool from above yes she all again Wow is this how you expected like what day is it today true sir Tuesday is this how you expected your Tuesday to begin like how beautiful is this, and there’s a bit of mist. Because the weather is was a bit rainy before.

But I kinda, and doing the mist of the moan beam up here in the mountains it makes it feels like you’re higher up then you are uh. But that gondola ride was a good starting morning. So in like 9:30, and I feel like I’ve already done all I need to do today sir pandas today isn’t open to me to see pandas the post crew is not ready for you to hit it yet Jessica turning out wave yeah this is from the massage yesterday kinda massage yesterday, and it was like a full-on Chinese massage, and then literally bruises on my back ready they’re ready , I’ll just hanging out all these good fortune ribbons as they walk up the 352 steps, and as you can see it’s just littered everywhere, and it gives it such a unique look it’s things like this that make you feel like you’re here in China you’re gonna need to make a wish I think you do hopefully it’s good fortune it is now the afternoon, and I realized we haven’t exactly told you what we are doing here in China. So the Tourism Board of Jenks who actually invited us over, and every single day we’ve been bouncing around the place we’ve been trying to see as much of the province as possible, and during that time we’ve been postging, and then they’ve also been making some content for their Facebook. So that’s why there has been like a little camera crew around, and stuff like that which is our first time ever doing something like that, and it’s really cool. Because they have three drones. So we are a little bit jealous of the shots I’ve been getting, and you probably have seen a couple in our posts.

Because we asked if we could use their footage, and they said yes. So we’ve been really happy with that. But we’ve just arrived now oh where are we okay. So we’re literally making content for the Facebook they’re making a commercial it’s like a Facebook commercial right it’s a commercial okay well we’re gonna be in a commercial or something like that when it comes out, I’ll show you guys. But it’s been really fun cuz it’s the first time where people have been posting us which is crazy. But um where are we save Yang’s ooh thank you young-soon we just checked into our hotel we’ve driven two hours now away from the hot spring place was crazy how every time we get to a new place the view is completely different it has been raining today. So it does look a bit grey.

But that’s the weather it’s not the town. But think of what we showed you this morning, and now we’ve come to this population of seven millions back to back to this city lives all righty we’ve just come out to quite possibly the fancies dinner I have ever seen this is beer. But don’t let that fool you we have a model of a Chinese town I didn’t get the entire I didn’t get the memo oh my goodness the presentation is just next-level yeah, and the waitresses just everything no yes Buddha’s got all the good stuff.

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