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Shinyanga Travel on Warner Communications merged in 1996 with Turner Broadcasting System, a company of cable television networks (such as CNN and TBS) owned by Ted Turner. America Online, meanwhile, became the dominant internet provider and continued to acquire internet companies, most notably the web browser company Netscape in 1999. In 2001, America Online (which had grown to 27 million customers) merged with Warner Communications, and the new company was titled AOL Time Warner. AOL Time Warner’s operations extend across the entertainment industry. All told, AOL Time Warner holdings include (in addition to those listed above) book publishing companies (most notably Little, Brown and Company and Warner Books), over 35 magazines (including Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly), several film studios (New Line Cinema among them), over a dozen cable television networks (including HBO, BET, and the myriad of Turner networks), several music labels (including Atlantic and Electra), DC Comics, and several sports teams. The conglomerate also owns a number of television network affiliates, a large cable television company, and its own television network. One impetus for the merger from AOL’s point of view was to provide potential programming for its internet service; of particular interest was AOL’s ability to stream Time Warner properties over its high-speed (broadband) internet service in the future. Shinyanga Travel 2016.

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