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Shimane Travel on He ran for re-election as governor in 1998 and won. The strong re-election, and the obvious import of the family name, brought Bush to the forefront for the Republican nomination for president in 2000. Initially, the field of candidates was large but Bush was able to attract major party and donor support early on, which demoralized the rest of the field and a number of the candidates dropped out. It was expected that he would coast to the nomination but no one counted on the broad appeal of Senator John McCain, a VIETNAM WAR hero and national leader for campaign finance reform. It became a bitter and increasingly personal fight, but in the end Bush won the Republican nomination. Facing Democratic opponent and Vice-President Al Gore, Bush clearly benefited from the public’s desire for change after eight years of the CLINTON-Gore administration. Bush narrowly won the electoral college vote though he lost the popular vote to Gore in the 2000 election, one of the most controversial in U. Shimane Travel 2016.

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