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Shiga Travel on As Gerry Stoker writesi governance recognizes the capacity to get things done which does not rest on the power of government to command or use its authority. It sees government as able to use new tools and techniques to steer and guide (1998, 24). There is an analogy here with the Foucauldian insistence on the role of apparatuses, tactics, and power devices that operate at the microphysical level. For governance scholars, government means something very close to the ontology of the state criticized by Foucault. There is another important feature of governance that needs to be highlighted. Following Stoker again in his attempt to provide a definition of the concept, we note that governance refers to shifting patterns in styles of government, in which boundaries between and within public and private sectors have become blurred (Stoker 1998,17)- It seeks to grasp and map a complex set of institutions and actors that are drawn from but also beyond government (19). The widespread use in governance theory and policies of such words as shareholders and stakeholders corresponds precisely to this blurring of the boundary between public and private and to the mobility of the very definition of the subjects entitled to become actors in the processes of governance. Shiga Travel 2016.

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