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Shenzhen Map Tourist Attractions on Placed carefully near the body were a candle, a whistle, a key, and a Bible tract. A forensics team determined Campbell had been dead for two days. A statewide manhunt for the woman’s missing son, a former crossing guard and a student of spiritualism last seen on the night before the murder, led to Campbell McDonald’s arrest two days 55 Campbell later in Santa Monica. McDonald, who spent the days since his mother’s death sleeping on park benches in the area, readily admitted to murdering the woman. However, as police continued interrogating the soft-spoken, well-mannered suspect they began to doubt his sanity. Those who knew Campbell and McDonald painted a disturbing portrait of the mother and son relationship. A sickly child, McDonald spent only three weeks in school before his overly protective mother took over tutoring him for the rest of his education. Shenzhen Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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