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For him, not only does the synagogue grind in vain, since it does not put Christ’s teaching into the mixture, but it is also eternally condemned to turn the mill of its own incredulity Hom. 111. In his excessive zeal for allegorical interpretation, Maximus forgot the Pauline passage: all Israel will be saved Rom 11:26. Ambrose aligns himself with salvation-history: What is celebrated now in the church was just a shadow in the prophets’ speeches; now we see through the image; then, when the image has vanished and the truth arrives, we will see truly In ps. 28, 25. Indeed the church, as compared with the image represented by the people of the Old Covenant, may be already considered the truth In ps. 118 Tract. 5, 6, yet it continually bears in itself and adumbrates the image of the heavenly reality Interpell. While for Ambrose the prerogative of the Roman church consists ultimately only in the fact of preserving the faith of Peter and of all the apostles Excess. 1, 47, Jerome is clearer than any other Father on the primacy of the see of Rome. He reassures Pope Damasus, whom he sees as the successor of the fisherman: I feel myself bound to your Holiness, i.e., to the cathedra Petri, in communion of faith. I know that Christ’s church has been founded on this rock Ep. 15, 2. He is prepared, at an order of the pope, to formulate a new profession of faith From liturgical practice, in which the church sang the psalms as its proper prayer and as a hymn of praise, Augustine develops, esp. on the basis of the letter to the Ephesians, the image of the church as the whole Christ, head and body. The head is our Savior himself   , his body is the church spread throughout the world. Christ the head did not wish to speak apart from the body, because he did not wish to be separated from us.

If he is with us, he speaks in us, speaks of us, speaks through us, as we also speak in him En. in ps. 56, 1; Serm. 137, 1; En. in ps. 30, 1. Since he contains the church in himself as his body, Christ is the perfect man according to Eph 4:13 En. in ps. 90, 2. The church is also Christ’s bride, following the expression of Eph 5:21-32 Serm. 341, 12; En. in ps. 90, 2. This great mystery has its beginning in the virgin’s womb: there God’s word is the bridegroom, the flesh the bride; in him the whole church is figured. Thus the one Christ, perfect in himself, is one with his church, just as the whole Christ speaks in the psalms. Sometimes we come across expressions in them which seem unsuited to Christ, our head, the Word who in the beginning was God and was with God: and some of these words seem unsuited to him even in his form of a servant. And yet it is Christ who speaks, because Christ is in his members. Shenyang Map Tourist Attractions So it is a single person who is formed from two terms: the head and the body, the bridegroom and the bride.

The prophet Isaiah also celebrates the unity of this person as marvelous and sublime, or rather, more than once Christ says prophetically in him: like a bridegroom he has decked me with a garland, and like a bride he has adorned me with jewels Is 61:10. He calls himself bridegroom and bride En. in ps. 30, 2, 4. The procedure of the eucharistic celebration leads Augustine to identify Christ’s ecclesial body with the eucharistic body: Shenyang Map Tourist Attractions If you are the body and members of Christ, your mystery is placed on the Lord’s altar. Receive what you are your mystery. Say Amen to what you are Serm. 273.

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