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Then you’ve got a weekend to spare we generally turned to the jungle artists, and resorts club for a short trip they give us everything we want a little fun, and plenty of relaxation, and some of the most scenic locations in Karnataka, and since we always have a good time we tend to pick them for special occasions as well like the long weekend that clubbed both my birthday, and a seventh wedding anniversary from January 24th to january 26 2018 this time they picked one of the newest resorts the sharafa the adventure camp in Kargil cannot occur which had only been open for seven months at the time of our stay since the resort is about 380 kilometer from Bangalore we started early at 6 a.m. we arrived at around 11:30 a.m. and checked in at noon the resort has 20 cottages in all they are all spacious neat, and very comfortable the wall of our cottages that face the reservoir had French windows which allowed us a view of the scenery even then we were indoors the French windows led out to a cozy balcony that just begged for some darling around we were suitably impressed, and quickly took showers, and headed towards a dining area called Goldberg for a delicious lunch evening brought the Welcome cup of tea refreshed with then headed out to the reservoir for some water activities that were a part of our package first there was a gentle boat ride for half an hour that brought home exactly how beautiful the scenery was the party was followed by a favorite water activity kayaking something that both hobby.

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And I have been looking forward to with Bella Coola Larissa Warrior is a lovely place to kayak the water is crystal clear, and blue which is so rare nowadays being on the river allowed us as apik tacular view of the banks, and the cottages nestled amidst abundant greenery we were also able to spot a variety of birds including brahminy kite sand egrets I managed to get a few photographs. But they were just a fraction of what nature had on display on a return to shore we decided to go back to our cottage, and enjoy the sunset from the balcony it was serene breathtaking, and romantic the exercise on the water had gotten us hungry again. So we were very grateful for the soup pakoras, and tea the resort offered soon after while screening of wildlife post followed by an early dinner at 8:30 p.m. broken up quite early the next morning, and after a quick bath, and a cup of tea we made our way to jog Falls which is only six kilometer from the resort located right on the border of Fatah Kannada, and Shimoga job Falls is a major tourist attraction since it is a second highest in the country the Falls are immense broken up into four parts that have been dug Rajah roar a rocket, and Rani you have to walk 1400 steps to get to a point opposite the base of the falls according to our guide morning is the best time to visit as that is when the view is most stunning he wasn’t wrong it was in our inspiring sight powerful enough to keep you rooted to the spot, and capping for ours. But we were on a schedule. So we returned to the resort after just one hour there was nothing else planned till evening.

So after breakfast we finally started to explore the property, and take pictures these unplanned wanderings can be quite relaxing, and very rewarding. Because we can pretend for a while that we actually live there the eating was a quiet one a nature walk was organized along the river sharafa thei revi did some casual bird-reading, and just chilled out then back to the resort for snacks T, and another wildlife documentary followed by dinner we woke up early the next day around 5:30 a.m. it was the 26th of January my birthday, and our seventh wedding anniversary I believe in doing something you love on your special days. So we started our day with another to archiving session it was so incredibly gorgeous and. So so peaceful that we both just wanted time to stop on a return shot flag hosting ceremony was held at the resort since 26 the January is also India’s Republic Day after breakfast we packed our bags, and checked out up at 11 a.m. building the resort good bye as we headed to our next destination there Mora – well temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiv, and math Parvathi if you’re looking for a quiet getaway that makes you leave your troubles behind by sheer dint of natural beauty, and good vibes I highly recommend this place ok guys. So that is all I hope you enjoyed reading this post leave me a comment like, and comment the blog for more posts, I’ll see you guys soon till then take care bye bye.

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