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Shan State Travel on See especially The Magic Art, vol. ii. 3 For Artemis see pp. 99 ff. below. processes of peoples of whom in fact we know little or nothing. We do know, however, that, whatever the reason, a characteristic of Mediterranean religion was the supremacy of the female principle in nature, the earth-mother. Shan State Travel 2016.

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While parents provide care and resources for their children, parenting is not a oneway street in which the parent directs the child to maturity. Parenting is a proce ss of action and interaction between parent and child; it is a process in which both parties Society is a third dynamic force in the process. It provides supports and stresses for parents and children and can change in response to the needs and actions of parents and children. The child, the parent, and society all influence the process of parenting, and, in turn, are changed by it. Let us look at the contributions of each.

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