Seychelles Country

Seychelles Country on It is a bit of shell that interferes with the powerful expression of meaning in the sentence, just as a Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo 169 glimpse of the silver as mere fact suspends the grandiose meanings that Emilia Gould, holding it with trembling fingers, imposes on it. The phrase rnaterial interests contains in itself this contradiction. Matter has no interest in itself It becomes interesting; it is worth investing time, effort, and money in; it bears interest; it becomes money in itself, only when it is stamped with signs. Doing that assimilates sheer matter into human making and doing, buying and selling, aIl the circuits of exchange and substitution, in this case those of global imperialist capitalism already in full swing in Nastrama. Silver ingots must be stamped into coin to emerge into meaning, but that meaning is fictive. It parodies a tropological system of exchange and substitution whose value rests on nothing but blind faith. That is indeed the case with the global financial system. Seychelles Country 2016.

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