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If you want to experience some culture, ask her to be your tour guide for the day, with the agreed price of you paying all entrances fees, food, and drinks. Establish up front there will be no cell phones. Otherwise, she’ll spend half the day on her phone with her babysitter, her sister, her girlfriends, or suddenly have an imaginary crisis she has to return home to immediately. If she doesn’t have a good babysitter, she shouldn’t agree to come with you for the day. Settle this upfront. If at any time during the day they start whining, get too drunk, or demand expensive shopping excursions, put them in a cab immediately. If money is involved, agree on the exact amount upfront, and write it down on a piece of paper in front of her. Tip for good company and service only.

If there are no issues, a few days of the tour guide routine will be an enjoyable girlfriend experience, and you’ll see some sights you wouldn’t normally view. Get her to do the talking. Be a good listener. Have no strong opinions about anything, and agree with whatever nonsense she has to say. This doesn’t mean you become some limp wrist liberal fag and waste your whole trip in museums. Just put in a few quality hours with her. Buy her some cheap romantic crap like a rose towards the end of the day. Suck it up, and you’ll be rewarded in spades later on. Generally the sex gets better and better with the same girl. However, if unsuccessful, hit the nearest brothel the minute you dump her. As fate would have it, Men can be even greater sharks.

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Try to understand the women and culture of where you are traveling. This will dramatically increase the fruits of your travel. For example, in South American, a girl still lives at home until she is married, even if she is in her 30’s. If she gets married and it doesn’t work out, she moves back in with her parents. The family unit is very intact, regardless of the career they have chosen. They are strong willed, hold their heads high, and she will always have her family behind her. The hidden meaning here is to treat them well. If you’re a shady character and shell out abuse, they can make one phone call to a brother or friend and you will be living in a world of hurt.

Latin women are in the full time in the business of attracting men. They spend a fortune on clothes, workout religiously, are impeccably clean, and even smell sexy. They’ll get boob jobs, dance like they’re in Vegas Revues, and will learn anything to give them giving an advantage in snaring a man. Why? In most South American countries there is such a high murder rate amongst young men, that in the popular nightclubs women outnumber the men often 5 to 1. The bottom line is that you are not a threat to women here, you are a treat. They are not afraid to be feminine and will compete with other women to get to you. They are masters at seduction, and will provide the illusion of a girlfriend without a thought. As long as you are paying them, or taking them out, this will continue. A perfect relationship, since paid sex is always cheaper than free sex back home. However, always bear in mind the minute you leave town you will be replaced.

When traveling to Asia, you will be happy to find the bar girls are not like their US women counterparts you’re getting away from back home. Thailand citizens are so overwhelmingly polite you find yourself blushing. For every thank you they say, they often bow towards you with their hands clasped together. If they knew you and your mission better, this tradition would fly out the window and wipe out a few generations of history.

In the time you spend with Thai girls, you’ll find they are sensuous, compassionate and submissive companions. For the world’s most experienced Sex Tourists, Thailand is always the place that is mentioned first as simply the best. Upon arriving, you’re confronted with a sea of neon lights, screaming loud music, and pure hormonal overload. Every fantasy you’ve ever had can be fulfilled within minutes, as you’re surrounded by a thousands of gorgeous young sexy girls, all seducing you with uncontrollable emotion and desire. Every preconceived notion you had about women is shattered instantly.

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