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Severni Banat Travel on 2 Not always, for the Greek word cijp covers mist as well as air. of air with psyche an invention of their own. No philosopher thinks in a vacuum,1 least of all the first Europeans to attempt scientific thought. Without underestimating their achievement of stripping cosmology of its mythical dress and subjecting it to the examination of sceptical intellects, we may be sure that they could not at one bound free themselves from the mass of traditional ideas, some enshrined in poetry and others absorbed less perceptibly from popular lore, amid which they had grown up. The connexion of life with breath, and so with air, seemed obvious to the simplest and most primitive minds, and we meet it in contexts which were far from philosophic or even from the suspicion of philosophic influence. The Latin word for soul, anima, means both air and breath, and the history of the Greek psyche is the same. The connexion is natural and inevitable, and was the basis of a number of popular superstitions. Severni Banat Travel 2016.

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