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Seoul/Incheon Map Tourist Attractions on Jurors, fighting back tears, and weeping courtroom observers listened as the district attorney described in graphic detail the final moments of the lives of the Harvey family. Gray hogtied Bryan and Kathryn Harvey with duct tape and their two daughters with electrical extension cords prior to stabbing them all then slitting their throats with an 8-inch kitchen knife. When they failed to die, he bashed in each victim’s head with a claw hammer. Before leaving with the proceeds of the robbery (a computer, a wedding ring, a basket of cookies), Gray used bottles of wine to start a fire to cover up the crime. A jury needed just 30 minutes to find the ex-con guilty of the heinous murders. In a separate penalty phase of the trial, Gray told of being sexually abused as a child, his lifelong drug addiction, and admitted that he was high on PCP at the time of the slaughter. Unmoved, the jury recommended the death penalty for the murders of the two children, and life sentences for the killing of their parents. Seoul/Incheon Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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