Hey guys it is currently your birthday it’s currently 6:20 a.m. and we about to go, and go on a big bike ride through some rice paddies. But first we’re gonna go have some brekkie it is like 6:00 a.m. through Burleigh alrighty we’re just testing our bike I love these little signs that have attached to the Jill house all righty guys we’ve just got to our spot this is the starting position if it looks anything like this for the rest of the trip it’s gonna be an incredible bike ride to come to an area called Chateau Louie, and there’s a lot of rice fields this is gonna be a Hey remember safety first guys bike riding is starting stopping for a quick photo spot I met this photo spot is so beautiful we’re pretty much just amongst it all of this crop, and guide was saying that it’s almost ready for harvest we’ve come to a super steep hill a guide over this is casual you riding me, and Jessa walking it oh nothing like a steep hill to show you how unfit you are who’ve made it to the top currently cycling through the real barley this is like the residence, and where people live, and we’ve got some temples here, and then yeah it’s kind of cool seeing this side of barley no tourists at all except for us hello yeah they just must live here to work on the rice plantation I am hot we have been riding after two hours, and it is so beautiful we just ended at this temple very very pretty. But all my goodness I am a wreck it was a good workout oh my goodness we ended up doing 30k, and I don’t know what I want more I don’t know if I want food first or shower first, I’m really thinking food, I’m starving save me we grabbed a watermelon, and pineapple juice it looks. So good oh my gosh the juice is here involving amazing we’re all. So obsessed with this roasted veggie wrap it is a Moser hey guys we decided that we wanted to go, and check out the beach.


Because it was only two kilometers away look at your reception, and the lady was like hang on hang on he don’t need a walk why do you have some bikes, and all that oh my gosh my bum really hurts. But it’ll make it way quicker. So he took some bikes, and we’re heading to the beach, and I’ve just found some cows barley we were going to go surfing tomorrow, and now sing the waves, I’m not even too short, I’m gonna try it you know hanging out yeah Morning Sun such a full balloon good day people feeling like the light has just come we must never stop the way Oh such a lovely trip to the beach the gong has been Gong Gong Gong Gong, and it means it is dinner time Oh Indonesian tonight it looks even weirder on camera it looks like a little spring roll we’ve been told it’s some type of pumpkin dessert literally is a pumpkin pumpkin hi our legs are so sore we like I swear every single day we’re trying foods that we have never tried before, and probably never would try. But they are also delicious like I never would have had pumpkin pumpkin pie wrap it up in banana leaf. But it was so yummy, I’m so full the food here is the best food oh my god it is amazing I can’t get over it I know every night we keep showing you the food. But I literally can’t get over it anyway, I’m gonna end the post here.

Because I want to shower, and relax it has been a beautiful birthday come on in let me sit on you joking the whole things in a break is it gonna break it break this is so embarrassing oh my gosh, I’m sorry sweaty alrighty guys I’ve had a beautiful birthday, and them, I’ll see you guys tomorrow holding the camera hit it good yeah.

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