Seeing The Pope Easter at The Vatican Tourist-Free Rome

Happy Easter it is currently very early in the morning as I kind of told you yesterday there’s a special thing happening today I never thought I would be saying this. But I am so excited to be going to church today my friend, and I are going to the actual church service in the Vatican, and the Pope is going to give an address. So we’re actually gonna see him in person I am actually really excited, and this is the perfect city to be in for Easter, and this is really different to anything that I would have thought I’d be doing. But yeah it just seems really special I am now walking over to the Vatican which I mistake on the other side realm. So it’s gonna take me about an hour. So walking there now stunning I made sure to walk past the Colosseum, and 5:30 in the morning it is lit up the moon is behind it glowing it’s really really gorgeous. So glad that I got to see it like this, and not a single person in sight this is so incredible one of the most beautiful sights that I’ve seen in Rome yet.

Seeing The Pope Easter at The Vatican Tourist-Free Rome Photo Gallery

So 5:30 in the morning at the Colosseum is incredibly incredibly stunning, and there’s none of the noise. So you can just hear the birds singing, and there’s no one here, and the Colosseum all lit up like this, and the moon behind it even more beautiful than I could have imagined I wish I didn’t have to go that I could just stay better get to the place, I’m supposed to go now don’t want to be late this is stunning. So glad that I did this, and allowed extra time for photos I have to get up really again tomorrow if I don’t then guys get mad at me. Because it’s just too beautiful, and there’s no one there’s no anywhere seeing room like this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life definitely, I’m so happy a perfect start to the day I can’t believe it got to the bridge where, I’m meeting my friend thankfully I wasn’t late even though I got carried away taking photos of the scenery. So I was practically running here. So gorgeous look at the lights behind me I really can’t imagine a better start to the day even if my dad didn’t know I would say that this is one of the best days just from getting up early seeing city like this I already thought this after yesterday. But definitely now room is one of my favorite cities in the world she’s got through the line into the Vatican people were extremely pushy in line like knocking the back of you to move just a few inches quite rude not really the the Easter spirit in here.

But it’s really gorgeous toward the church now sat down managed to get his feet Oh being at the Vatican this morning was awesome going to the Pantheon. But got distracted by this over here gorgeous I have had the best day just yeah a really great day. So I will see you tomorrow, and Happy Easter.

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