Secluded Waterfall Adventure Bali

Hey guys I am back there have been some troubles lately first of all my laptop decided to die it’s pretty sad. Because I had about 500 gigabytes worth of just really irreplaceable photos this is the setup of my computer right now I have to use it basically this is now my computer my computer is basically like Jason Bourne right now it’s alive. But it doesn’t know who it is if it doesn’t recognize it’s the hard guy I can still use it.

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But none of my stuff is on it, and also I had to rebuy my editing software so hopefully when I go to Australia I can fix it. But, I’m not sure. But at least I can it, and that’s why there in the post now also I got really really sick just two days after my laptop broke had a super high fever it was even hallucinating at some point. So it’s pretty serious oh sorry that I have been absent from my blog I’ve really been trying to get my laptop in my editing software back up, and working, and finally the day has come I have a post for you guys we think we’ve gotten to the waterfall. But we didn’t know that we have to hike down wasn’t really ready for hike. But we’ll see how it goes the law steeper than it looks on the post seriously like something out of a movie the jungle is just. So perfectly wild, and beautiful, and noisy monkey mosquitoes both of cheetos, and red amps, and various other insects that bite you.

So many bugs all biting this is so so incredible I feel so much right now like I am in the middle of nowhere jungle which I guess I am we have to go down there Wow SOTA did not expect, I’m dangerous. So dangerous you think we’ll see the stairs I’ve ever seen, and there’s water going down them we’ve gotten to the waterfall here, and it is spectacular, and I guess due to them my lord maybe oh you almost oh my god I don’t like the breeze almost falling Livio even if it’s take anyway there’s nobody else here we have all of this to ourselves, and I just feel like we’re explorers like Marco Polo in the jungle, and that we’ve just gone to this place that no one has ever seen, and it’s just really, I’ll try, and put the name of the waterfall in the description. Because I definitely forgot what it’s called, and don’t come like us in flip-flops be ready for treacherous hike lívia just fell are you okay I am now lucky I kept my head up, and I fell on my back oh my god fell. So hard. But I couldn’t breathe you know we’re so in the middle of nowhere. So far that if we were to get hurt here, and there’s no one else around then maybe we’ve just done save I to the waterfall now, and we are going to hike back up hopefully it’ll be easier to go up than it was to come down here thank you your walked in play with we are climbing on the wall it’s like rock climbing, and not fair yeah don’t know boy come on Jordanna oh we made it back up that was a tough hike I highly highly recommend coming to this waterfall.

But don’t wear flip-flops like we did every other waterfall that we’ve been to in Bali you just kind of walk up to it you don’t hike to it. So that’s what we thought. But it was definitely worth it I think this is one of my favorite adventures that I’ve had here in Bude. So I was awesome, and now we’re back in the rice field something about walking in the streets in the hood is these are every few steps the holes are kind of just big enough that if you step in then you can solve a long way probably really painful here’s one that looks obsession yes not sure if this one makes it safer or just more dangerous Oh what do we have here I don’t know about you. But I think that’s the perfect place for this big pile of rock is right in the middle of the sidewalk Livio did you know you can buy us my seasick Evelyn Jake in the free market also something that happened was that I get 50,000 commentrs. So thank you guys thank you so much for reading my adventures 50,000 commentrs well thank you so much Livio, and I went out, and celebrated has some ice cream on the night that it happened, and he made me dinner, and yeah it was just really exciting exciting stuff. So thank you hope that you guys liked my adventures in this post today, and I have a lot more coming up, I’m going to see you in the next post in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and after that, I’m going to Australia see you in those places, and thank you for reading bye Jonathan doesn’t do well with deep pink line look.

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