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Seattle Subway Map on Drollet, tired of his lover’s jealous rages and drug abuse, sought to end the relationship even after learning she was pregnant with his child. On the evening of May 16, 1990, Christian and Cheyenne went to dinner together at Musso & Frank Grill on Hollywood Boulevard. During the course of the meal, Christian consumed at least three drinks while his half-sister informed him that Drollet had slapped her around (an allegation never proven). Returning to the Mulholland Drive manse, Christian (by his initial account) angrily waved a pistol in the face of the 6’3, 270- pound Tahitian while denouncing the man’s abuse of Cheyenne. During their ensuing struggle on the couch, the gun discharged striking Drollet in the face. Marlon Brando, in another part of the house at the time of the shooting, attempted to resuscitate Drollet, but he had been killed instantly. At the death scene, a talkative Christian allegedly told police, I shot him man, but not on purpose . Seattle Subway Map 2016.

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