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Architectural painting. Ever since the first publications, Late Antique, Early Christian and Early Medieval Egyptian painting has been a popular field of study, particularly the sector of figurative compositions. This notwithstanding, there is still a real contrast between the quality of archaeological evidence and the enthusiasm of the studies addressed to iconographical problems. Seattle Metro Map The former is fragmentary, so that a definitive critical evaluation is not possible. Seattle Metro Map Dates are usually approximate and not confirmed by the context chronology of architecture; identification of layers and overworkings; inscriptions and graffiti, etc.; see the new edition of the Coptic graffiti of the necropolis of al-Bagawat, which go back to the 6th-11th c., with a particular concentration in the 7th-9th c., and which may put in doubt the traditional date of the funerary chapels: G. Roquet, Graffites coptes, 25-49. Recent research has recovered a masterpiece of Late Antique Egyptian painting: the official monumental painting of the imperial religious complex of Luxor, which constitutes the link between Roman triumphal art and the decoration of the great Christian churches J.G. Deekers, Wandmalerei, 600-652. Surviving mosaics are very rare e.g., that on the vault at Abu Mina, 6th c.: H.G. Severin, Skulptur und Malerei, 253, fig. 291 b. In all the civilized provinces, and even in the oases, evidence remains of ornamental architectural painting dividing the wall surfaces into zones and fields. Figurative motifs are found on walls, vaults and columns; complex figurative compositions were much used, esp. in wall niches, apses and domes. Similar paintings are preserved in necropolises e.g., at alBagawat; of the Alexandrian cemeterial frescoes we have only copies, in churches and monasteries e.g.: Bawit, Saqqara, Kellia, Dair Abu Hinnis, Abu Girga, Karm al-Ahbariya and in hermitages e.g., Isna.

The well-known niche frescoes, which enclose themes of great breadth in very small spaces, were mostly created after the Arab invasion mainly at Bawit and Saqqara. The range of artistic quality is very wide: the pictorial decorations, preserved in optimal conditions, of the church of Karm alAhbariya W. M¼ller-Wiener, Abu Mena 6. Bericht, 473-480, fig. 14-15 may give an idea of the lost Alexandrian frescoes, while the paintings of some necropolises e.g., al-Bagawat, monasteries and hermitages Isna remain on the level of artisans. Seattle Metro Map In some cases the dearth of ornamental paintings has been made up for by the relief decoration, quite frequent, of some architectural elements e.g., the painted pilasters of the niches in the triconch of Dair al-Ahmar, the niche pilasters decorated in relief in the triconch of Dair al-Abyad near Suhag. Remains of lids of wooden chests decorated with figurative depictions F.W. Deichmann, Kassettendecken, 83- 107 are the sole evidence of this genre from the early Christian period.

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