Good money people this morning we’re gonna go to a bakery yeah we’ve ended on Instagram by some people yeah they check out like a second no no no cronut it’s a cruffin a croissant muffin or something. So yeah. So people told us to go, and check it out. So we’re gonna do now let’s go let’s get some oh we didn’t make it out Silicon Valley we found our first tech company Michael Bay would be proud how beautiful is San Francisco City Hall it’s a nice like you about to see the things onto that Richard Scarry Ruffins they’ll sold out first thing in the morning the financial district around see what is ID, and oh my god excited. So inside another fangirling moment even stop it we have to now, I’m re. Because I didn’t get my crayon I don’t know what to do with my life I literally am looking to the cheese whores I don’t know what to do now my cronut was my mission for the day we’re gonna go on that beat we’re in Boston then I looked over a win, and we’d been to all those places up we gotta do that no cuz I want to Ricci everything, and now we’re just full of baby people call it the hashtag Steven okay girls well talking about Jeff’s whinging, I’m just gonna put out there the Ruby drivers in San Fran are not I always feel like, I’m on a roller coaster nice tummy to the flick every time we go up, and down the hills not fun, and son-in-law said to our it looks like a bit even does who’s that it’s like an office, and they’ve made this Zelda art out of postage stamps this you take this plug it in, and they’ve got these little towel man, and starts charging will you marry me oh yeah judging, and we got good news hahaha that’s the pyramid what is it blowed the pyramid building or something that’s one side then he’s the other side it was a good idea everything’s closed Sunday in the CBD.

SEARCHING FOR A CRUFFIN San Francisco USA Photo Gallery

So just gonna head back to our area get some it’s like more stuff open in the suburbs, and there is so head back to our place it’s really nice in our area anyway Ivan they’re like this suburban area yeah wait for the moves yep it’s 4/20 every time for a burger joint I see what you did there we’re being the ultimate Americans right now you’re finally gonna fresh fries filled your heart we’re making you hungry I always feel like when I watch blows it always makes me hungry look at that we’re now home, and we’ll comfy on the couch, and Stephen just made me coffee top, and we’re now just doing some work before we head off tomorrow to Seattle writing a post at the moment about the 10 things you must do when you are in Oahu Hawaii cuz like I like I like after we go to a place, and we work out like the best places to go in to do a little place like that someone else is going to our here they can just read that, and see what I think that we recommend to do that’s what we do now if, I’m going to San Francisco usually I write 10 things to do in San Francisco, and read other people’s blogs, and see what they did I didn’t even know what there was to do here really until we got here hey Steve yeah that’s why I love doing those posts what are you doing Stephen well reading Simpsons am I’d like this. So having a big work afternoon and, I’m sorry full from lunch. So I don’t think I think we’re gonna have dinner, I’m so full just thought I’d keep you guys updated in what we’re doin when do we leave for Seattle tomorrow, I’m so excited tomorrow to be in like oh yeah I can’t wait to Mina put the house Oh first thing we’re doing the show and, I’m actually excited to check out Seattle I never been I didn’t even know what there was until I googled, and I saw it was the place for the Space Needle. So if you have any recommendations of something we should do in Seattle let me know in the comments below I’ve asked people on Twitter, and they’ve given some suggestions which we will do yeah Yuri sit down you’ve made something to eat, and you wonder why you made it cuz you’re actually not that hungry maybe it’s bored eating, I’m eating cereal too posts edited down. But I realized Kardashians come back today, and some oil show starts tonight Bissell she’s excited yes not as well, I’m really sleepy. So, I’m going to wake myself up with a nice hot shower there’s nothing bad we tell how like pathetic it is I really hope you can see.

Because it is pathetic why what are you complaining about man Patera water he’s editing secretly on spoilers doing to me don’t you think he has such crazy hair I try he gets it all the time is exactly how everyone says we just wanted to tell you good night to you guys, and good night to San Francisco it’s our last night we are heading off to Seattle tomorrow. So yeah supposed tomorrow we’ll be there traveling. But no more bus rides we’re gonna fly out there good night everybody good night everyone. So sexy good night.

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