We are off to go scuba diving today, and it’s all nice hat side now all right let’s go going, I’m going I feel like I’ve done a lot today. But we have a life we’ve looked like we like 45 minutes of footage of us swimming underwater we’re not gonna show you all that we’ll go through that Steven is right now editing all the hell footage that we got today from 17 minutes in what our post 649 640 at 9:06 40 at night, and is only a few minutes, and this always happens whenever we go scuba diving we get really excited, and we feel like the whole thing, and you should be down there for like an hour, and usually half of it you can’t see.


Because the water gets murky, and then we try, and take like cool selfies of ourselves, and half the time there’s bubbles all in our face from breathing well I know maybe down in the comments below you can write if you’ve ever been scuba diving, and then we can read about your experience at scuba diving it’s it’s all praised even for going through tons of footage good work Steve it’s a 40 at night, and I’ve just finished editing all the footage really excited for tomorrow.

Because we have a full island tour. So we get to see a bit more of Hawaii, and not just the one strip of Waikiki, I’m sure you guys are sick of seen yeah. So thanks for reading guys yeah we’re gonna go to bed now. Because gotta wake up were in the early goodnight you.

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