Sea Turtle Conservation in Malaysia

You got a PC air position which acute no you did always do that before you post okay now you can go come on you guys well actually I really do think you need to fix your hair no really okay now go Hey guys welcome back to the beautiful Parisien island this loves going to be a bit different. Because it’s actually been really hard to make a consistent post for you this week we’ve been trying to post as much as possible between downpours we are at the end of monsoon season here in Malaysia. So actually here on the island to do some marine conservation we’re working with the sea turtles, and then we’re also doing some coral reef conservation.

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So pretty much earlier this week we went out, and started to ID some sea turtles of course we go through some sea turtle conservation actually jumping into some kayak livia we on the little island, and we’re going to be kayaking over to the big island got my dry bag this should be good I’ve been kayaking. So long. So we’ve just kayaks after the big islands at the moment Karen looking for some sea turtles were taken in turns, I’m in the kayak, and Justin currently scouting out the area we do have a little bit of low visibility. So we might struggle a little bit just did find a rock before thinking it was a sea turtle. But it was, I’m just looking for the sea turtles. So we can hopefully Heidi them, and then what we’ve been doing is taking photos of the sea turtle both sides left, and right the front, and the top of their heads, and then we get a full ID that we can study later on today, I’m sorry guys that is such bad weather here we’ve come to some of the most beautiful islands that it’s just been raining, and cloudy the whole day. But hopefully fingers crossed the players are all right the exact lice, and turtles you have any luck I found a big leaf oh, I’m sorry beautiful look at this what a place to do work I know, I’m welcome to office today graceful even though was a little bit rainy this morning when we went on our kayak it was still really fun we found one sea turtle which was cool, and now we’re going to go back into the office, and we’re going to download the photos, and we’re going to analyze it to see which sea turtle it is pretty shell.

So we actually know you know this is the mail. So we know it’s not this month you’re like that definitely it. So she’s gonna love angle we go yeah you can really tell yeah exactly why we do yeah well then on another day when we had a little bit of sunshine the storm did come back to us, and we learned how the free died which is really fun I managed to do like a nine meter free dive you guys should be super impressed, and when we’re doing the free diving we’re learning how to analyze the coral reefs. Because they need to what are they here to IDing seagrass okay to see what types of seagrass are around okay you need to spot that in there I know why were yeah, I’m just trying to quickly post the control center, and this is us not having an hour guys this is what happens when we are later uploading on last log we ask for you to pray that we have good weather, and of course they’re going to be seen this in like a week’s time. So the raining in the Peruvian islands again we’ve currently jumped onto the marine conservation project, and at the moment we’ve come to a place called romantic beach not looking very romantic is there. So the whole point of this project is to study the sea life, and to see if there’s any growth over years also my year 10 marine biology teacher look at me now you gave me a B. But, I’m here in the islands doing some marine biology you’re probably not even reading this anyway.

So it doesn’t even matter I see a little jetty is enjoying herself of course as soon as we get back from romantic beach the Sun decides to come out it was a little bit hard to post, and tell you guys what was going on. But pretty much what we’re doing is practicing to learn how to take samples of the seaweed, and then, and then we’re actually going to go to the little volunteer house, and we’re going to analyze the district seaweed that we’ve collected my favorite part of the islands there’s so many little kittens on earth. So we’re going to get you to identify to make sure that all the same species or the species of I think we are, and then we pretty much spent the rest of our time scuba diving here on the island. Because you know how much we love scuba diving we had to go down and, I’m pretty sure we saw the most Nemo’s we’ve ever seen ever diving near the island is just coming out of monsoon season. So lately with the like weather’s been quite on, and off I think on our last day we might not have rain we’ll see we seem to have like rain every day. But it doesn’t really matter when you’re in the water going on with me now, I’m not trying to be hated exalted useful agency Thank You Dean I’ve get my legs to fly all up in your cradle calyx a whole potato look get this buckle ladies got the grand feel that is run in our central mountain sizes are ATM on the island, and um I don’t think we have much money left oh they don’t sometimes even I take card I think we might have enough like 1 mil to share $3 there’s such an eerie silence in the village at the moment besides the prayers going on behind us. Because this village is predominantly Muslim on Fridays you have to all go for prayed a well at least all the males have to go to pray day having some lunch, and just listening to them doing their prayers over there on the loudspeaker just adds to the experience yeah I’ve just just literally with such extreme measures we were short one ringer which is like 25 cents associates are tyrannosauruses you doesn’t have a ring it, and he gave me a ring it.

So now we can have learn Thank You Man all right guys we are all back, and showered, and a family has invited us over to have a Malay dinner at the house, and I’ve heard that in Malaysia they eat with their hands. So um it’s gonna be interesting eating curry will Han we’ll see how we go normally, I’m going for me, I’m party I was eating are we cool – wrong in Australia yeah you’re gonna be good a fight like this I can bring both hands up I should be the teacher in this office I know honey I know I need let’s go Hey even before I thank you we just put our traditional life in our hand on the floor, and with our hand we have these songs on wash our hands before we eat, and yesterday we do right hand belfry sol fry vegetables. So far much gorgeous vegetable study Oh YUM yeah good yeah go to play my dear yes foto para crab something that we call a car oh no make sure I tell a clear, and vivid blue mix all together yeah oh thank you think you’re good can you put it up it yeah. So you just think like bits, and pieces of every dish okay ready this big sister of dinner together yeah I don’t know what to do you can do a state it’s not that hard what’s my point of the piece in Malaysia okay okay okay okay oh did I say wow that was a big buildup figured is eating with your fingers that’s good good good, and you are doing yeah he did it also didn’t realize that this island has dengue mosquitoes. So during one of our days we pretty much saw the lost months they come to our island as they fumigated the entire place which was actually a little bit scary. So this week is actually being kind of hard guys if, I’m going to be honest with you it’s been almost a little bit disheartening. Because just.

Because we’re in such a beautiful place like honestly we’d recommend you come here any time of the year – monstering season. So it’s been really hard like this morning we’re going to go for a hike before our boat ride, and it had to be cancelled. Because of the rain I know it doesn’t look like it’s raining this is literally just a little bit of Sun we’ve had this entire week hence why we’re posting this intro right now. But yeah in about an hour’s time we’re catching the local boat back to the island going to go, and catch a bus to a place called Morocco, and we check the weather, and it is saying it’s been flooding 100% for the last 10 days this is going to be a tough week.

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