Scuba Diving in Japan Ishigaki Island

Oh yeah 23:01 next to the stove a little peckish is Komachi pride appreciates all very popular to thank in Panama Canal okay all right thank you Hey everybody does a little bit too much energy this morning Hey we are heading off to the boat right now it is rainy a little bit it is windy. But um what’s it called spirits are high very basic right this is ready to snorkel let’s go diving hopefully based on weather thank you on the KSP is their meeting point pick up one big baby up danger now suppose before games are over that’s big oh boy oh boy interviews on autopsy in oh boy break Asia tie storage getting onboard proved to be the most difficult task of the day as I stagger on to the 60-foot prime scuba dive boat, and we meet the team this is ah there we go the shiitake island is said to be one of the best scuba dive sites in all of Japan, and that’s thanks in large part the giant visitors frequent dislodges we’ll be making three dives today. But the main reason I came down here was to experience a place they call mantis scram stop the clock involvement. So chicken what about come every time I get into the water I am completely blown away by this world we encounter everything from tiny new tea branches hitting crocodile fish, and swim way too close to the highly venomous banded sea Krait luckily for us there’s non aggressive. Because we saw a ton of them.

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But the ultimate prize was the figure that appears from the darkness the man serrated like a massive eagle gliding through the sky manta rays tests right over our heads in route to their destination an area of coral reef where thousands of cedar fish gobble up parasites on their skin, and Gill as we sat motionless on a nearby rock spotted five or six would be giant creatures it’s amazing that this particular spot along their migration pattern is where they return year after year, and it was well worth the journey to witness this incredible moment is h s first time hey guys I just wanted to cut in here hope you liked the post. But I wanted to say that despite the fact that we had an amazing time diving on Ishigaki Island, and seeing those massive manta rays was absolutely incredible Japan is an immune to the coral bleaching problem happening in. So many places around the world, and it’s an issue that I’ve only recently as you’ve seen in the Great Barrier Reef post from Australia this is an issue that I’ve only recently become aware of. Because I just started diving, and it is a serious issue. But I’ve never been one to give these ambiguous solutions like guys stop global warming or save the oceans to me that provides no value. So my goal is to use this platform to spread awareness, and to also tell you that if you do go diving anywhere in the world which I hope you do. Because it’s truly an eye-opening experience to a new world go with an organization or outfitter that is aware, and understand their impact on the ecosystem, and are trying to do something about it for us as travelers the best thing that we can do is support organizations that are doing something to minimize their footprint.

But, I’m not here to preach on you I just want to say, and you’re already doing it by reading these posts hopefully your takeaway from my blog is to Travel , and to really care about the places that you’re going to whether it’s culturally through the people through nature to Architecture whatever it may be I just hopefully my message is getting across, and that is respect the places that you go to, and choose the organizations that do the same that’s it I can do a whole post series about this my rants is over I hope you guys like the post if you did give it a thumbs up not see you guys next week back in Tokyo fit.

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