Keep on going down that rabbit hole fewer take job right now taking on a boat in Japan with people I don’t know hi Eric bow diving a tennis index dinner hi hi hi Cohen oedema hi hope we won’t get attacked by shark let us see what the mourning has for us today in Japan that didn’t go. So well. So that we head oh boy that’s not good that’s not good at all oh my gosh it is freezing, and it’s raining hard we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere between Taiwan China, and southern Japan right bye Okinawa, and that today was the day we were supposed to go talk to my speeches, and go diving. But as you can see we have a storm on our hands pretty gnarly out pretty gnarly it’s maybe 50 degrees Fahrenheit down pouring torrential rain if you missed the last post, I’m here with the Japanese tourism board basically going over an itinerary giving them feedback for the 2020 Olympic Games I look exhausted right now that’s. Because, I’ll show you where I slept I slept right there on the floor that’s my little kitchen my luggage nice little entertainment station over here television you walk over this way the doorways in Japan are very very very low I’ve been bumping my head on that all night apparently this place when it’s warm it’s nice in place is a tropical paradise. But today it is a rainy, and yeah.


So no hammerhead the great thing about this place is even if the weather is crappy above land below the water it’s so beautiful. So we are at this dive shop now, and I haven’t been diving since pond air which was back in August if you haven’t seen those posts go watch these posts right now that was one of the best trips of my life it’s like a ghost town there is no one here diving sometimes in life I find myself any situation, and speaking to myself how did I get to this place was I doing here. But on the side does he know things like this can get your blood moving in the morning apparently the guy was saying there’s no hammerhead sharks. But there’s whale sharks, and you know whale sharks are pretty mellow Italy doing it with actor what not know I am so fired up suited booted ready to go I have my GoPro on this rope that’s my boat back there keep on going down that grab a hole see where it takes you right now it’s taking out a boat in Japan with people I don’t know hi Eric some diving astonishing text in a high whistle ah hi hi kono Dimas hi hopefully we won’t get attacked by shark after day it’s pretty cold, I’m a pretty cool I mean hit the roll we’re all day I mean I was cold five minutes into the dive we were down for maybe 40 minutes we were going to do two dives today. But probably just one.

Because I mean it’s pretty thick gold we saw so much I was so shocked too like we jump in the water, and it’s eternal right off the bat whitetip shark rising very fast my face. But now, I’m going to go get warmed up get some had a nice hot shower had a bowl of ramen – feeling good now our dive master had a camera, and I borrowed it to take some photos, I’m going to put a few inflows in the blog right now look how a me like the clarity on this camera, and the colors on there I cannot even believe it if you want to see the rest of the photos go follow me on instagram it’s down below, I’m going to start posting more on Instagram more travel photos. Because the past month I’ve been to some ridiculous places be here there’s nothing there’s no one this town I think the population is maybe 250 people at that – ghost town which is actually kind of cool. But also kind of creepy hey excuse me you know a motorcycle rental there she is we’ve got 50 cc’s of raw power is apparently you need an international driver’s license to get anything over 100 CC’s all right you got this I don’t think this little guy can make it up the hill a couple of things one we are lost I mean it’s an island. So we can’t beat you off to this thing might break down. Because it sounds like a lawnmower engine, and three it start to rain I mean all, I’m not trying to be negative, I’m not trying to be negative at all the mommy island that you would be amazing at it was 90 degrees, and sunny when it’s 60 55 in the rain that’s not so much I needs it the handlebars grad like the window where’s the who little to Lenny’s apply to throw that. But look help you crazy storm today did you see that Beach I have to come back here imagine this with blue skies clear water that beats that Beach is a secret beach you have to walk down the cliff over the hill to get there back on my trusty steed let’s head back into town oh this we do thank you.

So I tried to post a little bit of that a little bit lost in translation in that meeting that was a little bit of the meeting I had with the Tourism Board here a reason that we’re here in the wintertime is. Because they’re trying to attract visitors here in the winter normally it’s sunny normally it’s sunny 65 70 Fahrenheit beautiful weather. But it just. So happens that the days that we’re here it’s like this kind of rainy, and cloudy. So I guess it’s just a little bad luck on our part really good conversation we had our translator. So hopefully they got some good feedback, and now we’re about to jump on a boat to another Island that’s very very close by I just arrived that next Island it’s called Oak Island, I’m about to show you where, I’m staying for tonight you ready huzzah this is my hotel room for tonight my hotel room is no joke a bunker probably like an eight by four, and a half foot jail cell oh wow this Suns gonna come out uh-oh, I’m gonna go on mission, and we’re back. So I’ve commandeered a little bike a little bike I mean a very little bike gonna go to a scenic lookout to try to get a better view of what we’re at that’s a random day all right, I’ll leave the bike there I doubt people are gonna come take it oh my gosh look at that Beach when I was younger I always wanted to be an explorer like no joke I want to define new places new lands just to get out where there’s no people, and just the footage that we just saw exploring that sand spit out there that’s amazing tomorrow morning, I’m going to wake up at sunrise walk all the way out to the end of that sand spit that rock formation, and just explore the world’s a beautiful place get out there, and explore it I know that’s very cliche.

But it can’t be any farther from the truth just get out there, and explore the world that’s our town back there I believe this town only has a population of 130 people, I’m going to head back to my little Inn, I’m going to have some dinner, I’ll have some tofu some noodles maybe one sake maybe two maybe two sake just for good measure I will see some are from Japan where hopefully the forecast is tomorrow sunny you’re tuned in tomorrow and, I’ll see you then. So until tomorrow everyone remembers a lot more worried less the latest fashion.

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