Hey guys I literally just turned the camera off, and then turned it back on. Because we are a little bit into the day already yes it is two o’clock we try to figure out when to end the post. But if we ended it, and like midnight we were in the air. So we’re doing it now we wanted to enter when we were here in Europe in Scotland ready to go yes yes we’re about to head out yes we are a little bit tired. Because we had no sleep yep we pretty much we left at what time twelve o’clock yes no that’s like our place, and it’s now 2 o’clock yeah, and we haven’t slept.


So please excuse us if we’re a little bit hazy hazy hungry. So we’re gonna go get some food yeah we’re gonna go, and there’s a little water shoreline bit, and see how much we can do yeah before we collapse yeah. But we’re definitely getting out let’s see whether, I’m excited to see Scotland you know how we’re gonna get excited over old buildings we pretty much walk straight out of our hotel and, I’m already in love, and then look yeah just to the left that’s so cool this I Noora having a fancy lunch or having a baby blunt it’s so much better off to food so much more energy now. But now we’re just heading down to the shoreline, and we’re just gonna just kind of see this like a river that separates where we are, and Glasgow Center, and we’re gonna go to Glasgow Center tomorrow. But yeah we’re just gonna walk down there apparently there’s a nice-looking Museum there I think BBC Scotland yeah we’ll just look around, and just finally enjoyed the day all right we just realized that it’s like half an hour to the city centre. So we thought we’d just suck it up, and go see it. But there’s the BBC Scotland, and there’s that museum will show you guys that on the way home when we walk yeah we just the across the river now, and then we just know ten minutes or.

So, and then we’ll be in the centre ten minutes no not exactly. But once we cross the bridge why does it look like Scotland has it’s very own Opera House we’re checking out the Opera House, I’m more intrigued than anything oh my gosh what have we found now an alien sorcerer or something. So figure out what this UFO is I think it’s a stadium. Because a lot of little girls, and a lot of science for one direction missing the point we’re almost in the city center. But I just thought I personally thought Scotland was going to be freezing at this time of year. But to be honest Toronto was way more up doing things beanie thing the streets get a little bit noisy. But you know we’re almost in the city centre well found our first old building this is pretty much gonna be us through this entire euro trip getting excited, I’m not too sure how old it is it looks like a church.

But no idea it doesn’t say you see some time to put flex on the front to tell you. But no I can’t see anything maybe, I’ll google it. But yeah we go we saw some awesome little like some cool little dainty coal streets we’re gonna go walk down, and then just kind of make our way back home looks like a giant Gary from Salonika it’s like a giant snail to be honest when we came to Glasgow we kind of just booked this city. Because it was really cheap to fly here. But I was actually kind of impressed it was really nice, I’m so glad we did come here it’s beautiful I mean look at this little street we’re just walking down that’s awesome yeah. So we’re just heading back to our hotel room now hey, I’m Gordon problem guys what’s your problem I am I’ve caught the, I’m calling it the Scottish eye disease who’s gonna pick it up. But you want to see my eyes yeah there’s gonna be intense for my sunnies.

But any see. So she got a look on the sides yeah yeah eyes look. So different this are we there are puffy, and swollen we see on each eye disease that’s a problem I’ve been here for a couple of hours, and already caught it no no idea what it is I don’t know if it was like I fell asleep with my makeup on on the plane no what isn’t like one of my eyes are studying any really itchy, and then I’ve had a shower they were both. So solid maybe some makeups cotton in your by dog very bit squishy Shire disease folks it’s a real thing get it checked get them get the shot otherwise this was gonna happen to you alrighty guys it’s like 10 o’clock at night, and it’s been like two posts today bringing up for 34 hours I am kaput Jessie’s just gone to sleep a bit early. Because she’s still not feeling too well her eyes have gotten better which is good. But, I’m all over the place like asleep. But yes tomorrow is still Glasgow, and yes should be a very exciting day.

So thanks so much for reading, and we’re so excited to be here on Europe thanks guys bye.

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