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Scotland Travel on gov; Geza Szurovy and Martin Berinstein, Classic American Airlines Osceola (Motorbooks International, 2000); U.S. General Accounting Office, Report to Congressional Requestors: Airline Deregulation; Change in Airfares, Service Quality, and Barriers to Entry,, (March, 1999) Sarah Ward, The Airline History, www.airlines.freeuk. Scotland Travel 2016.

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Many colleges have established organizations like the University of Maryland’s Multiracial and Biracial Student Association that presents talks and provides a place for students to discuss their own experiences and find support from others with similar identity issues as young adulthood is often a time when this is explored. Ethnicity The term ethnicity refers to an individual’s membership in a group sharing a common ancestral heritage based on nationality, language, and culture. Psychological attachment to the group is also a dimension of ethnicity, referred to as ethnic identity. Previously considered racial groups are now considered broad ethnic groups including many subgroups. For example, the European American ethni c group includes people of German, Irish, Eastern European or Italian descent with different cultural emphases.

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