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Schleswig Holstein Travel on It gives the impression, for instance, that pre-Greek fertility spirits were always spirits of vegetation rather than celestial. Doubtless this was not so. The two aspects may even have been united at some periods in the same spirit. Frazer has discussed the possibility that Attis may have been regarded as a sky-god or heavenly father like Zeus, though he concluded: However, the evidence for the celestial aspect of Attis is too slight to allow us to speak with any confidence on this subject.1 Again, I have spoken of the union of a tree- or vegetation-spirit with the Earth-mother. The Plataean rite as described by Frazer represented the marriage of two vegetation-spirits the union of the oak-god with the oak-goddess. Was the bride-tree in this rite regarded as identical with the Earth-mother? It could be argued that she was, but I do not intend to go into the question here, partly for reasons of space, but partly also because I am not so much afraid of leaving unnecessary inconsistencies in my account as I am of wiping out inconsistencies which were inherent in the historical situation that we are trying to recover. Schleswig Holstein Travel 2016.

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