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Saxony Anhalt Travel on C.E., became the core of a known-world economy stretching from Egypt to the Indus Valley. This international economy was already working on the principles of the resource- and market-seeking behavior characteristic of modern multinational enterprises. The Mesopotamian economy reached its peak at the end of the Early Bronze Age (2250–1800 B.C.E. Saxony Anhalt Travel 2016.

Oxytocin triggers infants feelings of safety and security that over time are associated with the presence of their nurturing mothers. The neural circuit also triggers dopamine and endorphins that people associat e with feelings of pleasure and desire, safety and security. Beginning in infancy, humans seek social relationships because they are enjoyable and because social interactions are a major way to damp down the stress response system. However, stressful conditions such as neglectful or abusive or inconsistent care can disrupt the circuit, triggering hypervigilance and physiological instability in babies, making them unable to flourish and grow and fully engage in social interactions. Porges believes that the important point of this kind of research is to show that prosocial behaviors and close ties depend on a well-regulated physiological system that has damped down stress so that the baby can engage with others.

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