Sao Tome Map

Free Facts Sao Tome
Free Countries Sao Tome Map: São Tomé and Príncipe dobra
Free Sao Tome Map States: São Tomé
Found to Sao Tome Map: 1485
Free Sao Tome Map and Area: 17 km sq
Free Sao Tome Map and Population: 56166
Free Sao Tome Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 0°20′10″N 6°40′53″E
Free Time Zone of Sao Tome Map: UTC+0
Free Sao Tome Map And Codes: +239-11x-xxxx through 14x-xxxx
Free Languages of Sao Tome Map: Portuguese
Free Religions of Sao Tome Map: Christian
Free Interesting places of Sao Tome Map: Cascata São Nicolãu, São Sebastião Museum, Boca de Inferno, Obo Natural Park, Lagoa Azul, Roca de Monteforte, Praia Jalé, Praia das Conchas, Pico Cão Grande, Ilhéu das Rolas

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