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I. Eastern collections. We are still far from being able to define the origin of the first Eastern canonical collections. 1. Chronological collections: according to E. Schwartz, the first collection of this type was compiled at Antioch under Bishop Meletius, between 362381. It is called Syntagma canonum and contains in chronological order the most important particular councils Ancyra, 314; Neocaesarea, 314325; Gangra, ca. 341; Antioch, 341; Laodicea, 343380. Santiago Subway Map It seems to have been widely circulated in the East, since the Council of Chalcedon refers to its first canon and cites it more than once. Its canons were numbered as a continuous series. The Antiochene Syntagma, supplemented by the canons of the general councils Nicaea 325 first, because of its dignity; Constantinople, 381; Chalcedon, 451, became the primitive nucleus of the majority of the Eastern collections, and particularly those of the Byzantine church. In the 6th c. the canons of Ephesus 431, the 133 canons of the Council of Carthage of May 419 and those of the Council of Serdica 343 were added to them. The imperial chancellery polished them up in order to have a collection that brought together the canon law current in all the churches of the oecumene. From 501, the Antiochene Syntagma was translated into Syriac for the church of Hierapolis Mabbug. There are also very old Coptic translations for the church of Alexandria, which in turn transmitted them to that of Ethiopia.

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