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Santiago Metropolitan

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Santiago Metropolitan Travel on BIBLIOGRAPHY. E.H. Kossman, The Low Countries 1780– 1940 (Oxford University Press,1978); Sidney Pollard, Peaceful Conquest: The Industrialization of Europe 1760–1970 (Oxford University Press, 1981); Herman van der Wee, The Low Countries in the Early Modern World (Variorum, 1994). LAURA CRUZ WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITY Bentham, Jeremy (1748–1832) THE SON OF A WEALTHY London lawyer, Jeremy Bentham studied law but had little interest in pursuing an active legal practice. He was known to his English contemporaries as a dedicated reformer and as a philosopher of reform rather than as an economist. The reforms he championed encompassed a wide variety of programs ranging from prison to parliamentary reform, and his influence eventually changed the look of 19th-century England. Santiago Metropolitan Travel 2016.

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