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Santiago Map Tourist Attractions on Gunter, a year-round Las Vegas resident, toured in the late 1980s with a version of the Coasters known as Cornell Gunter and His Coasters to distinguish them from other incarnations of the group formed by past members. Gunter was scheduled to perform with his ensemble at the Lady Luck Hotel in Las Vegas when he became the second member of the legendary doo wop group to die violently in the vicinity of the gambling mecca. Nathaniel (Buster) Wilson (see entry), a much later addition to the Coasters, was set to perform in Vegas when he was murdered, and his body dumped in the desert outside of Modesto, California, in April 1980. At midday on February 26, 1990, Gunter, 52, was stopped at the intersection of Berg Street and Bourbon Way in a residential block of the city of North Las Vegas when initial eyewitnesses observed him apparently arguing with a thin black man standing on the driver’s side of the car. The man fired through the windshield of the car and as he fled on foot into the surrounding desert Gray 112 tossed away his gray warm-up jacket. Gunter managed to drive his 1979 Chevrolet Camaro a block before crashing into a wall. The Coasters front man was found slumped over the steering wheel dead from two point-blank chest shots. Santiago Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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