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Casa do Dean Entrance to Pilgrims Office

However, these figures are somewhat misleading, as the numbers can swell tenfold during Holy Years (9.700 in 1992 to 99,400 in the Ano Santo of 1993). While the intervening years are quieter, the routes tend to undergo ‘improvements’ in the years immediately preceding a Holy Year and on this account might be best avoided as diversions, building works and new way marking can prove disorientating. The next Holy Year of St. James (Anos Santos Jacobean) will be in 2004. It is intended to update this guide in 2005.

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Opposite is a photograph of pilgrims entering the cathedral via the Holy Door during the last Ano Xacobeo in 1999. The shadow of the great Saint is cast by the early morning sunlight through the open statue above the doorway.

Pilgrims arriving at Santiago:

The graph below is based on monthly figures for the millennium year 2000

Not surprisingly, January had the lowest number of pilgrims arriving at Santiago (197) representing 0.3% while August had the highest (17,660) or 32.1 %

The total number registering at the pilgrim office for that year was 55,004.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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