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Santander Travel on Pressure on habitat could have doomed these five species, but they are flourishing picking their evolutionary way along the verges of man’s progress. As development opens land, it provides new opportunities. In the South, commercial pine forests were considered a poor environment James Conaway is an author based in Washington, D. C. His books include Napa and The Kingdom in the Country. This is his first contribution to the magazine. Free-lance photographer Raymond Gehman lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Santander Travel 2016.

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Aesthetically, the Kwangsi was a beautiful-looking vessel: she had sleek lines and tall accommodation, with a high rounded funnel that gave her a noble stance, slightly haughty. She was built for Alfred Holt & Co, owners of the Blue Funnel line. The Liverpool-based Blue Funnel still enjoyed the reputation of having the best-run ships in the British Merchant Navy, and the standards imposed on the officers and crews were second to none. Built at the Vickers Armstrong yard in Newcastle in 1967 for Glen Line, another Alfred Holt company, she had been christened the Radnorshire. The Radnorshire was a Priam class general cargo ship, 12,000 gross tons, designed to crack along at 21 knots.

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