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The delay and subsequent postponement of the parousia did not seem to have produced, esp. in the course of the 2nd c., the disastrous effects that certain modern interpreters have wished to attribute to them, without sure textual confirmation. Though throughout the century millenarian hopes, from Papias to Justin and Irenaeus, occupy an important place, we should not forget that these forces were opposed by contrary tendencies. The church was a growing body, in process of formation.

As Origen clearly states in his commentary on Rom 7:5: Omne ergo corpus Ecclesiae redimendum sperat Apostolus, nec putat posse quae perfecta sunt dari singulis quibusdam membris, nisi universum corpus in unum fuerit congregatum. For this reason Tertullian, Santa Ana Metro Map at the end of the 2nd c., in a passage of his Apologeticum XXXIX, 2, prays not just for Caesar, their ministers, the good of the world and for peace, but also for the deferment of the end.

Justin, too, Santa Ana Metro Map in the mid 2nd c., shows an awareness that within the church of his time, alongside the millenarian tensions of which he was a supporter, there were other positions that could be accepted provided they were pious and respectful of tradition Dial. LXXX, 2. The logic of an expectation that lived between the certainty of what had already taken place and the hope of the second parousia was also manifest in the very structure of certain liturgical practices.

In baptism, Santa Ana Metro Map e.g., the faithful receive the guarantee of the promised inheritance; they are sealed for the final redemption of soul and body at the Parousia. In the eucharist the eschatological bread of heaven is made available within the present order Lampe, Early Patristic Eschatology, cit. in Kelly, Early Christian Doctrines, 461 . As the popularity of certain themes by which early Christian symbolism was nourished teaches us, the channel of the symbol, whether literary or iconographical, constituted an important occasion for the persistence of this bipolarity.

Thus, the symbolism of death as spiritual marriage, though it looks to the future, does not belong completely to the future. There is an earthly experience and an anticipation of what is to come. The risen Lord and the heavenly Bridegroom have already filled us with the firstfruits of the Spirit’ Rush, 101. Divine service, finally, included the continual reading and meditation on passages of the gospel message, which could invite at times, as in the case of Tertullian, to pray for the deferment of the end, and at times for the hastening of the parousia.

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