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San Marino Country on A work of fiction works performatively not by way of discursive statements but, as Aristotle knew, by its action, its plot, the stories it tells. Its essential dimension is temporal sequence. A novel may possibly work to get its readers to see their own histories differently, and to behave diOEerently as a result. They might vote differently in the next election, for example, though 1 would not count on that. Conrad’s characteristic ironic method of narration, which is by no means absent from Nostromo, paradoxically aids in bringing about this performative effect. lrony, as Paul de Man surprisingly affirms in The Concept of lrony, excuses, and promises, and consoles Y It may also work as an effective exhortation to political action. Marx’s Das Capital and The German ldeology are, among other things, wonderful works of sustained ironic invective, often in the admirably devastating discussions in footnotes of Marx’s adversaries. San Marino Country 2016.

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