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San Lorenzo Travel on In 1990 the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission received nearly 10,000 nuisance complaints from frightened citizens. Enter the official nuisance-alligator trapper. One of 44 under contract in Florida, Dave Regel (right) drags a five-footer away from a construction site in Naples. Trappers legally killed 4,053 nuisance alligators in 1990. But with a little effort, says Regel, man and gator can coexist. Eastern Wildlife 89 88 The Dog You Care For Today, thanks to the extensive scientific research made possible by Friskies up-to-date facilities, you are guaranteed a totally balanced diet for your dog when you choose any one of the Friskies foods to feed him. Constant research by Friskies Scientists at Carnation Research Laboratories in Van Nuys, California, and at Friskies Nutrition Research Kennels at Carnation Farms, Carnation, Washington, work together, constantly testing and improving nutrition for your dog or cat. San Lorenzo Travel 2016.

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