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San Juan Travel on The abstract character of value as the new criterion through which social relations were increasingly organized (through the objective mediation of money), as weE as its representation in the new spatiality of the world market, was part and parcel of what was perceived as a radical chaEenge to traditional notions of social order by a whole generation of European (and more and more U.S. American) scholars at the end of the nineteenth century. Such people as Max Weber, Ferdinand Tonnies, Herbert Spencer, Thorstein Veblen, and Emile Durlcheim come to mind here as representatives of the great season of classical sociology. The very concept of capitalism evolved from an attempt to come to grips with the above-mentioned chaEenge. Reacting to the threat of sociaEsm, embodied in a vivid way by the Paris Commune of 1871, these thinkers sought to move beyond the paradigm of classical political economy (Hilger and Holscher 1972; Ricciardi 2010). It is well known that the concept of capitalism, as Marc Bloch wrote in The Historian’s Craft, is altogether young (Marx still spoke of the capitalist mode of production): its ending, he added, shows its origin” Kapitalismus (Bloch 1953,170). San Juan Travel 2016.

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