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San Juan Subway Map on Police immediately suspected Roman, a rabid martial arts movie fan with a fascination for Ninja weapons, who reportedly had a long-standing feud with his mother. Discrepancies in his account of the crime led to his arrest on December 15, 1986, and a charge of first-degree murder. Under advice of counsel, Roman pleaded inno – cent by reason of insanity citing the side effects he allegedly suffered as a test subject in the experimental drug hormone therapy study. In a brief filed with the court to move Roman to a jail closer to the site of his trial in Van Nuys, the defense attorney introduced the Hussein-Cabot connection that suggested the 22-year-old accused murderer was the love child of the Jordanian king. The deputy district attorney called the motion really glamorous, but maintained it had nothing to do with [Roman killing his mother. Roman’s first trial ended in a mistrial after his attorney became ill. With new counsel, he was retried in a non-jury trial in a Van Nuys courtroom in October 1989. San Juan Subway Map 2016.

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