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1. Fragments of anaphorae: a The most important is Papyrus gr. 254 of Strasbourg University Library ed. M. Andrieu – P. Collomp: RSR 1928, 489- 515, datable to the 4th-5th c. This text preserves the formulary of thanksgiving lines 1-2 are missing and part of the intercessions. b A fragment, in very poor condition, preserved in the British Museum Pap. 2037 E.F. on 6th-7th-c. parchment, identified by G. Mercati Aegyptus 30 1950 3-7, gives a very similar text which may allow us to supplement the former by some words. c Much more important, a 6th-c.-parchment folio preserved in the John Rylands Library, Manchester Pap. Gr. Lat. San Francisco/Oakland Metro Map 465, gives a great deal of the anaphora of St. Mark, from after the postsanctus to the end of the epiclesis. These three texts allow us to reconstruct the greater part of the anaphora of St. Mark in a form quite close to that preserved in the Coptic version called of St. Cyril, while the Greek text has only come down to us in six late 12th-16th c. MSS of Melkite origin, which transmit it in a more or less deeply Byzantinized recension. Other fragments of anaphorae have been published by Th. Lefort Coptica Lovaniensia, Muson 1940, 22-24 and 26 and by E. Lanne Le Grand Euchologe du Monast¨re Blanc: PO 28, 2 in a Sahidic Coptic version. Most of them seem to be translated from Greek. Particular attention has been paid to three fragmentary folios from Deir-Balizeh in the Guizeh region, preserved in the Bodleian, Oxford ms. Gr. Lit. d. 2-4, P, first published by P. de Puniet RBen 1909, 34-51, reprinted in Cabrol-Leclercq: Reliquiae liturgicae vetustissimae, Monum. Lit. I, 2; CLXIV-CLXV and subsequently with an abundant philological and liturgical commentary by Dom B. Capelle C.H. Roberts – D.B. Capelle, An early euchologium. The Dªr-Balizeh papyrus enlarged and reedited: Bibl. du Muson 23, Louvain 1949. Recently J. Van Haelst proposed a new reconstruction, modifying the order of the folios Bibl. Ephem. Theol. Lov. XXVII 1970 201-212.

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