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San Diego Map on From about 02:00 to 03:00 bulls had tried hard to break away from the bearish pressure but each time they came to reclaim possession of the 25ema, they failed to break through, giving rise to the impression that the 80-level magnet below was more likely to get targeted than the OO-level above. But even with the dominant pressure well established and a favorable magnet in sight, patience still remains a most crucial virtue within all of our operating tactics. We should always give the market a fair chance to set up our trades properly. From a conservative point of view, an opportunity came presented shortly after the flag was broken at 4 (tease) and then followed by a pullback that put in a ceiling test with the last arch prior to the break (high of bar 5 hit upon the low of bar 3). Once this test was completed, it took only a few bars for a short to set up below bar 6 (nice double-bar break) . Best to place a stop above bar 5, or at least above the false high of the entry bar. From the moment of entry, follow-through was pleasantly forthcoming, with not a bullish bar printed before the 80-level was hit. San Diego Map 2016.

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