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DONATUS AELIUS, grammarian 4th c.. A prominent figure in 4th-c. Roman culture, at his school of rhetoric he taught the young Jerome, who remembered his celebrated teacher with affection Chron. ad ann. 353. We have from Donatus a scholastic manual of particular importance: divided into a part dedicated to beginners Ars minor or prima and one directed to upper-level students Ars maior or secunda, San Bernardino Metro Map the text would become an authoritative tool for the study of Latin throughout the Middle Ages. We have some parts of a commentary on Virgil, including a dedication and a biography of the poet, followed by an introduction to the Bucolics, to which can be added some fragments cited in Servius, Priscian and the Scholia Bernensia. Donatus presents the poet Virgil as a master of every doctrine, a model that would be widely exploited in medieval literature until Dante. San Bernardino Metro Map Finally, we have larger portions of Donatus’s commentary on the comedies of Terence. DNP 3, Aelius D. 3, 775; N. Marinone, Elio Donato, Macrobio e Servio commentatori di Virgilio, Vercelli 1946; L. Holtz, A l’cole de Donat, de saint Augustin   B¨de: Latomus 36 1977 522-538; L. Holtz, Donat et la tradition de l’enseignement grammatical: tude sur l’Ars Donati et sa diffusion IV-IX si¨cle, Paris 1981. San Bernardino Metro Map G. Pilara DONATUS of Besan§on ca. 590ca. 660. Saint, feast 7 August. Born in Upper Burgundy, he embraced monastic life at a very young age, entering the monastery of Luxeuil under the guidance of St. Columbanus. He became bishop of Besan§on in 624 and founded a men’s monastery St. Paul, to which he gave a rule that combined those of St. Columbanus and St. Benedict, and a woman’s monastery Joussa-Moutier, whose rule he wrote himself, basing it on those of Saints Columbanus, Benedict and Caesarius of Arles. Upon his death he was buried in the monastery of St. Paul.

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