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DOROTHEUS of Marcianopolis Moesia, 5th c.. Partisan of Nestorius, it is said that in a liturgical function he condemned anyone who proclaimed Mary to be mother of God. At Ephesus 431 he sided with the Eastern bishops against Cyril. Sometime later, Nestorius’s successor Maximian had him condemned by a local synod, but his community would not accept his successor. San Antonio Map Tourist Attractions The emperor Theodosius exiled him to Cappadocia. Some of his letters on the controversy survive.

CPG 5781-5786; DHGE 14, 688; Patrologia V, 37-38. DOROTHEUS of Thessalonica d. ca. 535. Bishop of Thessalonica from at least 514 to 535, by which year he had died. He declared himself a partisan of Patriarch Timothy of Constantinople, San Antonio Map Tourist Attractions and refused to remove from the diptychs the names of the bishops who had occupied the see under Zeno and Anastasius. This prolongation of the Acacian schism into the reign of Justin and Justinian procured his excommunication by Hormisdas of Rome. Unfortunately he was among those who reestablished contact with Hormisdas in 514. It is worth noting that Theophanes the Chronicler was amazed to see him called patriarch by Theodore the Lector, whose censured work survives in fragments. San Antonio Map Tourist Attractions E. Schwartz, Publizistische Sammlungen zum Acacianischen Schisma, Munich 1939, 250-252.

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