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Good morning, and welcome to the Kyoto samurai experience, I’m here today by popular demand things to you guys on Instagram who told me I need to check out a samurai class while, I’m in Kyoto the most historic city in all of Japan. So what better way to experience that then with a little taste of samurai let’s go inside I got a cannon oh-ho I wasn’t expecting to see you here well, I’m not that way when I am I will be your interpreter today my interpreter always a name hi my name is elke make sure yes how are you look at this place year-old president actually the person who is the original owner with a samurai a vassal over at Nijo castle 10-minute walk in here wow this is a real samurai how far, I’m not there I actually build me a small little dark Oh Hans your head I thought of the whole thing wow it all starts with a traditional samurai home in Kyoto everything designed with purpose, and efficiency no no everything is just in Verdun where it’s supposed to go build with a mindset that a home invasion is a real, and even probable threat low-hanging beams are positioned.

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So that attackers can’t swing their swords small doorways, and blockades make it difficult for groups of invaders, and secret passages allow for easy escape routes well a second fanciest herb it’s my favorite come on all while featuring beautiful hand-drawn painting engraved family crest to show nobility, and that overall classic Japanese minimalism for those welcomes guests now it’s time for you to start your samurai training. So, I’ll head inside to the final room come on oh good Mitra there you go transformation times I change into a traditional, and very comfortable martial arts outfit, and then I settle in to learn from my temporary master Masato Tabata first, and the most fitting way to begin the training is with understanding about two hands on the ground at once means they’re saluting a person of respect or in a higher position. But if a samurai vows with his left hand then right hand it signifies that they’re ready for all possible scenario.

Because their right hand is only away from their swords for an instant this is used for peers frenemies, and perhaps even ex-girlfriends hey Masato continues with a brief history of samurai or bushi culture, and when I found most interesting was that samurai are not only warriors. But we’re an entire cast of citizens in Japan they were essentially aristocrats, and they ruled over farmers, and merchants by way of the sword a sword that had a deep psychological connection with its owner. But as Masato tells me the ultimate goal of a samurai is actually peace not war, and for that he had an important task for me to accomplish before I could ever touch a sword then meditation through a series of singing bowls a practice that samurais used to help clear their minds for complete focus before, and during battle.

Oh I with a clear mind, and slightly ringing ears, I’m ready for the next step the source or cut-the-knot I graduated to a real sword very nervous bamboo we grow through the proper footwork stay low level had swift movement, and Masato tells me that samurai movies are nonsense your goal is to kill as fast as possible without any long back, and forth or clinging swords now time to face my most worthy opponent on the battlefield yes all right how did I do all right like what not being like overly comforter like really honestly you’re probably well the festival has come through really good alright thank you very much you know for most we say your duty call it well, I’ll take it alright an amazing experience I got a little taste of samurai life what it might have been like back in those times a traditional place the great samurai teacher, and a great samurai translator that we call it ok it was a great experience you guys ever in Kyoto you got to check it out feel good feel a little more centered today a little more ready for anything see me in the street Oh.

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