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The one time Brazilian capital, and heart of afro-brazilian influence salvador bahia is dripping with culture and, I’m here to soak it all up come on my first stop in salvador was the mess today bean bus place for a lesson in the afro-brazilian martial art of capoeira capoeira or the dance of war was developed here in Brazil by African descendants through the combination of music dance, and acrobatics it was originally used by slaves to disguise fighting is dancing.

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So they wouldn’t get in trouble for learning how to defend themselves today variations of capoeira practice all over the world with the origins including those sexy white pants all stem from Brazil in particular here in Salvador we’re not proto let’s go hungry from all the hard work, and hooked up with a local friend, and proceeded to eat my way across town getting in all the city to the local food it’s famous for Wow had to make a wish, and then run up these stairs without breathing for the wish to come true see if it works, I’m not using that it’s got sugar cinnamon on the outside, and tapioca coconut on the inside tapioca using always after conquering all the street treats we joined the crowd in Bella Reno’s main square for some great live music from there.

I was introduced to a few flavor infused cash asses including the local favorite gravy no a clove infused cash ASSA they’ll put hair on your chest then thanks to a little liquid courage we follow the full whole music down some back streets to a hidden concert to dance the night away the culture that I’ve soaked up on this trip is incredible the food the people the music the history that shapes Salvadoran to what you see today it’s such a unique city, and at the same time it’s everything that Brazil is it’s gritty, and beautiful in a place with. So many layers anyway that’s it for my time here in Salvador I have some great memories to take with me until next time Travel.

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