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Saitama Travel on I knew the charges against him. Don’t be coy with me, Don. I knew he was probably guilty. So you suggested a deal? I suggested we might be able to help each other out. You told him all about me, coached him in what to say and do. Jess’s voice was a monotone, her questions flat, as if they’d already been answered. Something like that. Saitama Travel 2016.

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Occasionally we would encounter fleets of fisherman, as I had done leaving Manila Bay that first time, but for the most part the sailing through the islands and across the Pacific was more pleasurable than gruelling. If our last port in the East was Singapore, then we would traverse the Indonesian archipelago, through the Java Sea, the Flores Sea, the Banda Sea, then across the Arafura Sea and through the Torres Strait between New Guinea and Australia. Sometimes, the voyage was arranged so that the last port was Manila, in which case we crossed south-east through the Philippine Islands, north of Mindanao and out through the Hinatuan Passage into the Pacific. This meant that we then had a long voyage down to Fiji in the open sea, during which we wouldn’t sight much for days on end. This was where the old man tended to show his bad side, making himself look foolish.

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