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Sacatepequez Travel on Again, it needs to be stressed that this is an old strategy. As Marcus Rediker reminds us in his striking human history of the slave ship, American and European slave traders deployed similar methods. Rediker quotes Richard Simson, a late-seventeenth-century ship’s surgeon who kept a log book: The means used by those who trade to Guinea, to keep the Negros quiet, is to choose them from severall parts of ye Country, of different Languages; so that they find they cannot act jointly… in soe farr as they understand not one another (quoted in Rediker 2007, 276). Many slavers were disappointed by these tactics, because the subjects who were their chattels became masters at the arts of improvisation and adaptation, even aboard the slave ship, fashioning a common language, a language of translation, that sustained and nurtured their resistance and played a role in the organization of their rebellions. Sacatepequez Travel 2016.

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