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Russia Subway Map on Two years later, the 20 year old was wowing Parisian audiences with a cabaret act in which the elegantly dressed singer-comedian accompanied himself on the piano. A perennial favorite in the Folies Berg?re, Fragson performed almost exclusively in France until 1905 when he appeared in a role specifically written for him in the pantomime Cinderella at London’s Drury Lane Theatre. In London, Fragson appeared in the musicals Castles in Spain (1906) performing his composition, Hello! Hello! Who’s Your Lady Friend?, Sinbad the Sailor (1906?1907), and in The Babes in the Wood at the Drury Lane during the 1907-1908 season. In 1913, Fragson, 45, was at the height of his career and earning $750.00 a week in various revues when his relationship with music hall actress Paulette Franck led to tensions between the entertainer and his 83-year-old father, Victor Pott. Quarrels between father and son became more frequent after the actress moved into the Paris home they had happily shared for many years in the Rue Lafayette. Concerned by his father’s violent threats against him and his lover, Fragson consulted a doctor who recommended that the elderly man be placed in a rest home. Russia Subway Map 2016.

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