Russia Country

Russia Country on … Eustacia floated round and round on Wildeve’s arm, her faced rapt and statuesque (283). She dances with Wildeve because he just happens to have come there too: The dance had come like an irresistible attack upon whatever sense of social order there was in their minds, to drive them back into old paths which were now doubly irregular (284). They are doubly irregular because each is married to someone else. It is a double infidelity. Russia Country 2016.

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I put a stop to that, locking the food away and then giving them carefully regulated feed at certain times. I wanted our fish to be in tip-top condition. I read all of our fish guides exhaustively. I talked fish, I bored the troika with my fish talk. I talked the troika into stumping up another HK$100 each so I could buy the right types of food and the right supplements to bring our fish to optimum health.

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