Rough guide 2015

Rough guide 2015 on Spector gave the song (which featured Medley’s near solo performance) the complete Wall of Sound treatment letting the emotion grow over the song’s official label time of three minutes and sixteen seconds (it is longer) rather than limiting himself to the industry standard pop tune length of 2:30. Considered by most critics to be the pinnacle of Spector’s career as a producer, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ was released in December 1964 and was Number 1 by Christmas. To date, it remains the most played song in the history of American radio. Spector produced two other Top Ten Hits for the blueeyed soul duo (Just Once in My Life and Unchained Melody) before an acrimonious breakup sent Medley and Hatfield to MGM. Heralded as the Tycoon of Teen, Spector was nevertheless musically living on borrowed time … Rough guide 2015 2016.

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