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Rome Metro Map on His career stalled, Gaye caught a break when the popular Chess Records recording group the Moonglows fronted by Harvey Fuqua arrived in D.C. on December 29, 1958, for a week-long stand at the Howard Theatre. Internal dissension within the group was signaling an end to the Moonglows when Fuqua replaced the old with the new, offering the Marquees the chance to become the new Moonglows. Relocating to Chicago in 1959, the 19-year-old singer with Harvey and the Moonglows recorded several singles with Chess, all of which flopped. Nonstop touring on the chittlin’ circuit (a grueling series of one-nighters in towns with large black populations in segregated venues) re-ex – posed Gaye to the blatant racism he had endured in the military. During a 1961 tour of the Mid – west, the group played Detroit where Fuqua, convinced Gaye’s easygoing sexual allure and threeoctave range could make him a standout solo performer, introduced him to Berry Gordy, Jr. Rome Metro Map 2016.

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