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At the beginning of the Longobard Lombard period, the correspondence of Gregory the Great attests the departure of the local clergy for the Byzantine territories and the intervention of the pope himself, who consecrated the Roman subdeacon Festus for the see of Capua. Coming into conflict with the clergy and later forced to abandon the see, Festus died at Rome in November 594, and Gregory appointed Bishop Gaudiosus of Nola as visitator Ep. V,13-14: MGH I,293-294; CSEL 140,279-280. Romania Map Tourist Attractions From the Gregorian correspondence we know that the activity of Festus’s successor Basil, attested in 598602, centered mainly on the Byzantine area, in Sicily and at Rome, giving the impression that he was in exile Ep. MGH IX,72, CSEL IX,73; X,4; XI,15; MGH XIII,4, CSEL XIII,2. Of Basil’s two successors, Gaudiosus participated at the Roman council of 649 Mansi 10,865-866; Decoroso, perhaps involved in the foundation of Montevergine, translated the relics of St. Rufinus and was one of the main protagonists of the evangelization of the southern Longobards BHL I,2117. Even if Paul the Deacon still mentions Capua, with Naples and Salerno, as among the most important cities of Campania hist. Lang. 2,17, between the 8th and 9th c. it was reduced to a series of inhabited areas around the major churches of the ancient city. The Chronicon Salernitanum indicates the presence at Capua in 787 of Charlemagne, there to claim Frankish sovereignty over the Duchy of Benevento chron. 11. In 841, following internal battles and the military intervention of Duke Anastasius of Naples, the Longobardian counts decided to transfer the citizens first to a more secure site, near Triflisco Bellona, where they founded Sicopoli, in honor of the Beneventan prince Sico d. 832, and later, in 856, to the site of the ancient river port of Casilinum, where the episcopal see was also soon moved.

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